Save with A 10-Year Home Loan

10-Year Home LoanAre you considering purchasing a new home or refinancing your existing home loan? Clay County Savings Bank is now offering a 10-year home loan, and it could be your opportunity to take advantage of substantial savings.

In addition to taking advantage of historically low interest rates and paying off your home loan faster, the 10-year home loan could save you $100,000* or even more over the typical home loan.

At Clay County Savings Bank, you’ll work with experienced loan offers, and you will deal with us as we maintain servicing of your loan throughout the life of the loan. It’s one of the biggest advantages of working with a bank based in your community and serving your community.

For more information about our new 10-year fixed-rate mortgage loan, contact Cristina Johnson at (816) 407-4026.


* The $100,000 savings is based on the typical savings between the total amount of payments on a $160,000 loan on a 10-year term compared to total amount of payments on a 30-year term.