Mobile Banking Made Easy

Clay County Savings Bank’s Online Banking site includes a streamlined interface to make mobile banking simple and easy.  The Online Banking site utilizes a responsive design that fits to your device. This makes pages easy to read and navigate without having to zoom in to get a better look.

Here’s a quick tour to familiarize yourself with the choices you have for managing your accounts online from your smart phone or tablet.

MOB-menuExpanded Menu
When you login to Online Banking on a mobile device, you will have quick access to all of your accounts on the main page. The menu in the top left corner provides access to account details, e-statements, MyBill Pay, Transfers, Loan Payment, Line of Credit and links to information on customer service, alerts and disclosures.

From the menu, you can change your personal information including user name, password, email address, contact information, statement preferences and more.

MOB-billpayMyBill Pay MOB-transferMake a Transfer

MyBill Pay
The main page for MyBill Pay provides a list of your upcoming bills along with icons that provide quick access to add a bill, schedule a payment and review your scheduled bills and payment history. The search bar lets you search for exactly the bill payment account you need.

Make a Transfer
The transfer page lets you set up transfers with drop-down menus for your accounts and boxes to input a dollar amount and an optional memo note. You can schedule your transfers immediately or for a specific date, as well as review any upcoming scheduled transfers.

MOB-loanpayment2Make a Loan Payment
From the loan payment page, you can easily select the loan for which you want to make a payment and the account from which you want to draw funds from simple drop-down boxes. Clicking the payment option provides the opportunity to make an additional payment above and beyond the minimum payment. The loan page will tell you the date your payment is due and your total payment, including any additional amount you want to pay.

If you have not yet used the streamlined Online Banking interface, just login from your device to give it a test drive. If you have not yet signed up for Online Banking, you can create your account for both personal and business banking on the login page.