Make your Debit Card Personal

Who said debit cards has to be boring? With the myPic Studio™ Debit Card from Clay County Savings Bank, you can personalize your card while also adding peace of mind when making purchases.

There are three different myPic Studio™ Debit Card options to choose from:

emv-sample-card-e2e-premier-rewardsThe edge-to-edge design can be customized from your own photo or you can choose one from our photo gallery. The full-card photo lets you express your personality and makes your card stand out in a crowd. Have you ever double check your card to make sure you receive the correct card when having lunch with a group of friends or dining out on a busy night? Notice your card instantly and carry around a photo that matches your personality.



emv-sample-card-2x2-premier-rewardsThe two-inch design can combine both fun and safety. Choose from your own favorite photo or from our photo gallery. The two-inch design offers flexible options for creating a design that captures your interests and adds personal flair to your wallet.




emv-sample-card-1x1-premier-rewardsThe one-inch ID design is created expressly for your identification photo. Adding your own photo personalizes your myPic Studio™ Debit Card and lets everyone know it’s your card.




The myPic Studio™ Debit Card is free with all Clay County Savings Bank personal checking accounts. If you currently do not have a debit card and would like to learn more, please contact us at any one of our offices. If you already have a debit card, start with designing your myPic Studio™ Debit Card here: