SHAZAM® myPic Studio Debit Card™ – Terms and Conditions:

myPic Studio Debit Card Fee:  A myPic Studio Debit Card is FREE with a Premier, Premier Student, Premier Plus or Premier 55 Checking account.

Card Replacement Fee: There is a $10 fee to replace a lost myPic Studio Debit Card.

Card Expiration Date: A myPic Studio Debit Card has a three-year expiration date. If approved, the card image will be stored for a period of at least three (3) years.  This image will be printed on any subsequently reissued myPic Studio Debit Card upon expiration unless the account holder uploads another image by the last day of the month preceding their renewal month date (i.e., if the card expiration date is May 2017, a new image must be uploaded by April 30, 2017).

Browser Requirements: To create a card using the myPic Studio card designer, an account holder must use one of the following web browser versions: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® v.7 or higher; Mozilla Firefox® v.3.5 or higher; or Apple® Safari® v.4 or higher.

Design Choices: The myPic Studio card design choices include any of the following three examples:





mypic-1inchIDOne-inch ID


Image Guidelines:

  • The image must be in one of the following file formats:  JPEG, PNG, GIF, bitmap or TIFF.
  • The image file must be at least 840 x 840 pixels, and not more than 10 MB in size.
  • Account holder must own the image or have permission from the owner to use it through proper licensing of the image.

Account holder will be presented with a message if a problem is encountered during the image upload process.  Potential problems may include uploading an image of insufficient quality, uploading an image that is too large, attempting to upload a non-image file, or using an unsupported image file format.

Any image that includes the following is not acceptable for a myPic Studio Debit Card:

  • Political statements
  • Advertising, promotional text, slogans, copyrighted, or trademarked material
  • Phone numbers or URLs
  • Brand names or branded products
  • Celebrities, athletes, musicians, public figures, etc.
  • MasterCard, Visa, or any other payment brand references
  • References to any MasterCard or Visa sponsorship property, such as the Olympics or NASCAR®
  • Socially unacceptable groups
  • Provocative or sexual content
  • Profanity, obscenities, or nudity
  • Violence, firearms, weapons, or ammunition
  • Alcohol or tobacco
  • Any content that might result in problems at the point of sale or interfere with security features of the card
  • Any content that might infringe, denigrate, or dilute the payment card brand or its member financial institutions

Card Design Approval: Every image an account holder submits to Clay County Savings Bank for a myPic Studio Debit Card is subject to approval.  Clay County Savings Bank reserves the right to approve or deny any image at its sole discretion, or to refuse to issue a myPic Studio Debit Card.

Information required to complete a card order request: Account holder will need their 16-digit debit card number, the last four digits of their Social Security number and their personal e-mail address to complete their card order request.

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