You have been asking for it and we have answered. We are proud to announce there is now a Clay County Savings Bank App. Over the last couple of months we have been hard at work making your banking experience easier and more helpful.

Along with the same features you are familiar with on our website-based Online Banking site, we have exciting new ones. These new features will be available with the app and on our Online anking site, as well.

            New Features:

  • Mobile Deposit*-

    • You are now able to deposit that one check you always forget to bring to the Bank using the app.

  • Wallet2Wallet™ (P2P) –

    • Pay back a friend with just their email address.

  • Internal to Internal Transfer (i2i)-

    • Transfer money from your Clay County Savings Bank checking account to someone else’s Clay County Savings Bank checking or savings account.

  • External Transfers In-

    • Transfer money into your Clay County Savings Bank checking account from another financial institution checking or savings account you own.

  • 2-Factor Authentication –

    • Add security that can help protect you when logging into Online Banking.

  • Printed Statement Request**-

    • Save yourself a phone call and request specific statement(s) you need for your account online.

Download our app at

*Mobile Deposit requires access to a device with a built-in camera, so is only available through the app.

**Printed Statement Request is only available on the Online Banking site, not the app.