Why the change?

It was time. We think you will agree. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Responsive. The site is now responsive. Responsive design is a buzzword for a design that flows and functions well on many screen resolutions to accommodate the various devices in today’s marketplace.
  • Touch. The site is now touch-friendly. Not only does the site look and perform well on your desktop, it also works great on tablets and other touch-screen devices. You will notice larger buttons and links that allow “hit-space” for fingers. The navigation structure allows for both touch and mouse navigation.
  • Snappy. The new site takes advantage of new, powerful browser technologies. This means that, in many cases, the site does not need to load an entire new page for certain functions. This speeds up the process and makes the web page perform with more power and immediacy.
  • More. This new site provides a scalable foundation so we can add new features more easily.

Does my browser work with the new site?
Most likely, it does. To take advantage of the benefits listed above, the new site is built with technologies that older browsers do NOT have. All modern, standards-based browsers work with the new site. However, outdated versions of Internet Explorer and other browsers will NOT work. Google has a resource you can use to see which browser you are using at https://whatbrowser.org. Check out the browser table below:

By the way, it is always good to keep your browser and its plug-ins up-to-date. With PDF files, you may need to allow access through your browser to view your E-statements online.

You can check your browser here.

BrowserWill WorkWill Not Work
Internet ExplorerVersion 9 and upIE 8 or older
ChromeVersion 5 and upVersion 4 and older
FirefoxVersion 4 and upVersion 3 and older
SafariVersion 5 and upVersion 4 and older
OperaVersion 10 and upVersion 9 and older

When did this happen?
The new site went live on Monday, April 13, 2015.

What is different now?
There are a few very important differences, including browser support and Site-to-User.

If you use an older version of Internet Explorer, IE 8 or older, you need to upgrade. Upgrading improves your security and enhances your experience.

Site-to-User is no longer available. With Site-to-User, during login, you first entered your login name and then you got an image and phrase, and then you entered your password. The purpose of the Site-to-User option was to help you confirm that you were on our online banking site and not on a spoofed or phishing site.

In place of Site-to-User, we have added a new way for you to identify that you are truly on our real online banking site. You now will see immediate feedback inside your browser that you are on our authentic site. In the browser next to the URL of the site you are visiting, you will see our bank name in green. This is a more reliable and secure way to ensure you are on our official online banking site.

What about my transactions?
Your transactions were unaffected. This was a change in your online banking experience, primarily. Almost all other functionality remains unchanged.

Did myBill Pay change?
The user interface changed. The process of adding and paying a bill was made easier. Other than that, the rest of myBill Pay is still the same. You can schedule multiple payments from different accounts and view your payment history.

How do I get help, if needed?
If you have any questions, please contact us during the Bank’s business hours at: (816) 781-4500, or you can email us at onlinebanking@claycountysavings.comYou can also submit questions via online banking using the Feedback or Contact Us features inside online banking.

Is there new functionality on the site?
Yes.  You can now schedule recurring and future-dated transfers between accounts you have with Clay County Savings Bank.  In the future, an external accounts transfer feature for accounts you have elsewhere will be added to the site.

How will I use the external accounts transfer feature?
You will need to plan ahead when adding a new external account.  Setting up an external account will be a multi-step process.  First, you add the external account information.  Our system then sends some small transactions to the external account to verify our access.  You then log into the external account or inquire on recent activity and note the small transactions deposited and then withdrawn from the account.  To complete the verification, you return to our new online banking site and verify the small transactions.  Once the external account has been verified, you can send money to it or pull money from it.

Does the update cost me more money?
Nope, not a penny.  Welcome to your new online banking experience!