Planning Your New Home Purchase


Are you ready to join the market in the search for a new home? If so, visiting your lender is a great place to start. Learning your options when it comes to financing a brand new home, determining your housing budget and knowing the current mortgage are all keys to make a wise decision in buying a new home.

Getting prequalified or pre-approved for a home loan can make the process of buying home much easier. Knowing your budget allows you to narrow your shopping to the choices in your price range. Estimating closing costs and what you will bring to the table also makes it easier to plan your purchase.

Getting pre-approved can also make the difference when it comes to landing the home you want. Being able to make a quick offer and set an early closing date can make all the difference in a hot housing market like we’re seeing now.

Clay County Savings Bank offers you a variety of choices when it comes to new home lending. Our products include both adjustable-rate and fixed-rate mortgages as well as construction loans to finance the building of your own custom home.

What’s more, all of the lending decisions at Clay County Savings Bank are made locally and serviced locally, meaning you always know the people working with you on your home loan.

For more information on Clay County Savings Bank’s home lending programs, visit one of your locations or call (816) 781-4500.