Social Distancing & Mobile Banking Technology

Social Distancing & Mobile Banking Techology

Advances in mobile banking technology enable you to exercise social distancing and conduct banking transactions at the same time. Banking technology and services provide the convenience of conducting banking transactions with your computer, smartphone, or mobile
computer device. If you aren’t using the Clay County Savings Bank’s (CCSB) Online Banking or App, please contact your local office to ask how to sign up. We have several features that will help make your banking needs easier during these unprecedented times.

Money Transfer Services:

  • Transfer
    • Transfer between your CCSB accounts with only a couple of clicks.
  • Wallet2Wallet* 
    • Send money to loved ones at another bank by knowing just their email addresses.
  • Internal2Internal 
    • Send money right away to someone else that has CCSB account.

MyBill Pay*:

You can schedule payments of your periodic bills from your checking account(s).

Mobile Deposit*: 
Take a picture of a check with your mobile device and deposit that check electronically without ever visiting a branch or using an ATM.


*these services may have additional fees.