The Perfect Marshmallow

The Perfect Marshmallow is a patented outdoor marshmallow roaster that uses charcoal to cook marshmallows anytime and anywhere. It’s fun for the whole family and very easy to use.

The Perfect Marshmallow

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The Perfect Marshmallow toasts your marshmallows golden brown and hot in the middle, ensuring they will melt the chocolate on your s’mores just like a roaring campfire.

The roaster is simple and easy to use. Just place campfire coals in the roaster, light them up and start roasting. If you’re camping or cooking on the grill, just take left over coals and place them in the roaster.

The roaster is manufactured, painted and boxed locally in Kansas City and designed to be reused over and over again.

The Perfect Marshmallow is available for ordering online. You can also visit The Perfect Marshmallow on Facebook for more information.