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Additional Services

Safe Deposit Boxes

Each Clay County Savings Bank location has Safe Deposit Boxes for customers to rent.  The availability of boxes varies, so please stop by or call your desired location to learn what boxes are available to rent now. 

Notary Services

Each Clay County Savings Bank location has someone who can fulfill your notary needs. Please call ahead to your desired location to book an appointment with one of our notaries.  

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is a way of moving money electronically between two banks, domestic and international. When you need to send or receive money quickly, a wire transfer might be the right tool for the job. Wire transfers are fast, reliable, and generally safe. Customers will need to provide information on the bank that they are transferring to, the receiving account number and beneficiary information. Fees will apply. 

Commemorative Coins

Our Liberty Office has specialty coins available for purchase. These include Presidential coins and state quarters. Please stop by and check out our collections. If you do not find what you are looking for in our inventory, we may be able to order it for you.