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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the mobile app?
Download Clay County Savings Bank App from either Google App Store or Apple Store.
What is the Bank’s routing number?
Clay County Savings Bank’s Routing Number is 301071709
How can I find my account number?
There are multiple ways of finding out your account number:
-Stop by one of our locations to request your account number.
-Look at your blue card that was given to you at your account opening; it will have your routing and account number on there.
-Look at your checks tied to that account. -In Online Banking, you would click on your account history. In the right corner there is a tab named “Account Details”; click it. Under “Account Number” click on the eye with a line across it, and that will show your full account number.
-In our App, you would go the account history screen. There will be an icon of three bullet points, click that. Then go to “Account Information”. Under “Account Number” click on the closed eye, and that will show your full account number.
I think I lost my debit card; what do I do?
Call one of our locations and report your card is lost.
How do I find your rates?
 Our rates are found under the Personal Tab and then Rates - CDs and Accounts.