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Fraud Resources

Tips to Help Prevent Identity Theft

  • Shred all your financial documents or items with personal information on them
  • Don’t carry your SSN card with you
  • Don’t overshare on social media
  • Make sure your passwords are “strong” and different on each account
  • Order a free copy of your credit report from each of the three credit bureaus each year. Think about spreading them out when you get the reports so you can review up-to-date information throughout the year
  • Only use a secure connection on the Internet when entering credit card or personal information
  • Destroy the label on prescription bottles before you throw them away
  • Before selling your electronics, get rid of all personal information on them
  • Beware of imposter websites and emails that look like the real site

These tips do no 100% protect you from Identity Theft, but can help make it harder for someone to access your personally identifiable information.

Someone Stole Your Identity

What to do Right Now

  • Call the companies where you know the fraud occurred
  • Place a fraud alert and review credit reports:

What to do Next

  • Close any new accounts opened in your name
  • Remove bogus charges from your accounts
  • Correct your credit report
  • Consider adding an extended fraud alert or credit freeze.

There may be more steps you will need to take, depending on what type of identity theft happens to you.

Keep a log of all your actions, including all telephone calls, letters, and other documents that you encounter. Save copies of all letters and other documents. This information may become extremely important for resolving identity theft.