CCSB Financial Corp. (the “Company”) is the bank holding company for Clay County Savings Bank (the “Bank”), a bank chartered in the State of Missouri. The Company does not engage in any significant other business activity. The Bank has offices in Liberty, Kearney and Kansas City (north), all in Clay County, Missouri. The Company’s executive office is located at 1178 West Kansas Street, Liberty, Missouri, 64068. The Company was incorporated in Delaware in September 2002 to facilitate the conversion of Clay County Savings Bank (formerly known as Clay County Savings and Loan Association) from a federally chartered, mutual savings association to a federally chartered, stock savings bank. The Bank converted to a state-chartered bank in May 2015.

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$16.50 (Last Trade 6/1/2020)

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On April 29, 2020, the Board of Directors approved the payment of a cash dividend to holders of common stock, as of May 15, 2020, in the amount of $0.10 per share. The scheduled payment date is to be May 29, 2020

At the annual meeting on January 23, 2020, Al McKinley and Deb Coltman were re-elected to the board of directors of CCSB Financial Corp., the parent company of Clay County Savings Bank. Ms. Coltman has served as a Board member of the Company and Bank since 2016. Prior to becoming a director, Ms. Coltman had 40 years of service for the subsidiary bank, including a substantial period as its chief lending officer. Mr. McKinley is the Chairman of the Board of the Company and Bank. He has served as a board member since 1996. He has owned and operated a business in the community for well over 50 years, a company for which he built and bears his name.


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